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Bill's Suggested Emergency/Y2K Purchases

AM/FM Solar Dynamo Radio w/Flashlight

No batteries needed! AM/FM Radio. 4-Way powered: Solar, Hand Generator, AC/DC & AA Batteries. Outdoor & Indoor Use. Compact & Small. Includes Solar Flashlight!

I own this same model without the flashlight. One and a half minutes cranking gave me two hours radio time. A great radio during power outages.

For more information or to order - Click here

Water Storage


Having water in a short-term emergency is more important than having food. Check out iPrepare's selection of water barrels, pouchs, and AquaBlox.

For more information or to order - Click here

First Aid Kit
152 quality brand components!

This kit comes with a sturdy, water-resistant case that can be either mounted on the wall, or easily carried. Featuring effective full-color graphics and contents labels, and a 72 page AMA First-Aid Guide!

For more information or to order - Click here

Check out more great emergency preparation products at

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