ADVERTISING: Free Internet Classified Ads

I just wanted to let everyone know that I have just begun hosting a free classified ad page for anyone (no porn, etc.) to advertise businesses, land, or whatever they wish. I hope this is very useful to many people. You can find them at

FREE STUFF: Free Plastic Buckets

I have been getting free plastic buckets with rubber seals from our local grocery bakery dept. We use these buckets and other food grade buckets and the slight odor never affects our grains at all.


Here's a handful of places which recently have had a much faster turnaround. But they are smaller retail suppliers, so they could get overwhelmed rather quickly, too. But if you're ordering, now is the time:

Peggy Layton
P.O. Box 44
Manti, UT 84642
801-835-0312 fax
801-835-0311 real person

She has a one-year deal for regular storage foods ($599.99 for ONE person) and a one-year deal of hearty breakfast foods and soups ($1,199.00 for TWO people) which look very good. She is a homeschooling mom who repackages, retails, and ships as a home industry. Ask for "Preparedness Plus," "Grandma's Country Foods" and other price lists.


Emergency Essentials
1-800-999-1863 toll free
Mon-Sat 9 am - 6 pm, Utah (Mountain) time Closed Sunday
Ask for their very comprehensive catalog


Joseph's Storehouse
1-888-588-6279 toll free
724-942-6279 fax
Pittsburgh, PA
Ask for catalog - some unusual, very useful items --------------------------------------------------------------

Happy Hovel Storable Foods

Their catalog costs $7 but it is also an information-packed "Survival Manual" and I think it is worth it. Preview an excerpt of the catalog at:


Soyfood Products
Toll-free ordering 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

This is those sweet, syncretistic, civic-minded soybean-eating hippies of Summertown, TN. Quite an impressive list of inexpensive, healthy soy products, basic bulk herbs, and self-help books.


Harvest Direct
Customer Service hours: Mon-Fri 9am - 6 pm, Eastern time Knoxville, TN
Fax 423-523-3372

Soy, gluten, and other vegetarian foods, more elborately processed than the Summertown group, meat-flavored veggieburger (including some almost-unbelievable veggie "ribs"!) and TVP quick-mixes, variety of spice options, the "convenience" soyfood outlet.


The Urban Homemaker
1-303-750-7193 fax
1-800-552-7323 real person

Very nice catalog, family-type business, hand grain mills, all sorts of supplies especially for bread-making: Saf-Yeast (stores well without refrigeration), bulk Vitamin C powder, electric and non-electric tortilla presses and other appliances.


Back to Eden
970-527-6221 fax
970-527-3375 real person

They sell garden seeds, specially packed for long-term storage/good germination, all open-pollenated, which means you can subsequently save your own seeds: unlike hybrids, these seeds will continue true to variety. They have seed package deals at surprisingly reasonable prices. It might be a good idea to get extra and share with people who may very much need them if the Year 2000 shipments of seeds get stuck on the tracks (or get shipped too late for planting.) Also an excellent barter item.


Many of the dehydrated fruits sold by food storage companies come from one company -- Vacu Dry (707) 829-4637 (ask for Sarah). These products are actually low moisture foods (3-6% moisture, not dehydrated 20-25% moisture). You can order direct from the factory at a great savings if purchasing their 25# boxes. These are sealed to prevent moisture intrusion. One product I highly recommend if #4 mesh prunes. These are little chunks that can be added to cereals, breads, etc. The price is $3.65 per lb. (remember there are about 7-8 lbs. of fresh fruit per 1 lb. of dehydrated with no waste). Prunes are very high in calories- important to boost when eating only storage foods. They also have lots of iron and other important nutrients.