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BOTULISM: Don't Get Over-Worried About Botulism

Here's the dilemma. I can't get all the warnings about botulism out of my head! If those jars are sealed (the tops don't pop when you push them) is there still a concern of poisoning? How does one know for sure that what's in the jar is good?

Don't worry you little head :-) If you followed the directions about time and pressure and the jars sealed you're fine.

About botulism. There are only about 17 cases a year in the U.S., and not all of those resulted in death. This is from tens of millions of jars of homecanned food! Most are on the west coast where the organism is most common: it's found in dirt. Most of the cases are things like pickled beets where the person used a water bath canning method and not enough vinegar.

Botulism isn't a worry if the jars DON'T seal-it's anaerobic. Only grows in a sealed jar. But the toxins are destroyed by heat so if you boil your sauce for several minutes before eating it that eliminates all danger. If you get bacterial growth from a jar that didn't seal well, you'll know it. It will stink or foam or the usual bacterial signs.

One more thing. I have Amish friends who never follow the book and have canned for years using methods that would make the home economists roll over in their graves. My friends have NEVER heard of one case of botulism poisoning among them and it would be all over the communities if it happened. They can meats by water bath boiling for three hours instead of pressure canning. They reuse lids, they use mayonnaise jars. They cold pack then water bath can things I would never attempt. They keep their food clean but don't go to the extremes I do. (I have a degree in a health field and also in home economics.) One of my Amish friends laughed at me one day when I told her how hard it was for me to can something and said, "If I did all that (meaning my complicated sterilization etc) I'd give it up too!"

CHILI PEPPERS: Grow & Dry Chili Peppers As A Healing Herb

I noticed that the cayenne in hot sauce started relieving my angina pains, started making my heart beat on a more regular basis - and beat slower. I WASN'T noticing that at all from the healthfood store stuff; cayenne capsules.

I talked to the man who owned the Chinese restaurant. I asked him where he got his hot sauce and how he made it. He showed me the chilies he was using. The chilies he was using were supposedly the same variety sold by the big herb companies. He wasn't using any real exotic chilies; they were just fresh cayenne peppers at 40,000 heat units. They were the same thing that I was supposedly taking in

the capsules, but again, the capsules were powdered. His cayennes were fresh. And that was the reason I was starting to get cured.

The chilies from the restaurant still had their Vitamin A and their Vitamin C and the enzymes and the flavonoids, and all of the other known and unknown things that get destroyed when you heat something up.

But when the herb companies over-grind and overheat cayenne into powder for encapsulation, they wreck it. If you are not careful when you powder herbs, you can cook them by accident. Do not cook them. Dry them, then powder them.


Several months ago, I ran into a nurse I hadn't seen in some time. After the usual talk, she told me a story about how she had suffered for a number or years with a chronic bladder infection. None of the antibiotics worked. A friend gave her colloidal silver and in hours, she was pain free and after several days, she was well. We've since used it for a bad throat virus and we were well in several days. Everyone else we knew took antibiotics for 3 weeks before they were O.K. I also used it on a bad case of poison oak, and that cleared up in 2 days. We bought a c.s. generator at the Expo and can now make it for the cost of a glass of water instead of the $25.00 at the store.

You can also try They have a DC only generator for $79.95, an AC/DC model for $129.95, and a build-your-own for $59.95. Each includes the instruction book and a pair of silver wires. The DC model comes with batteries, I believe, and the AC/DC comes with adapter. An extra set of silver wires can be purchased for $15., 5' of silver wire for $55., and 10' for $99. Hope this helps.

Interesting commentary about colloidal silver. Outlines possible concerns, but does affirm the positive effects of the remedy as well. Go to : Scroll down to "Tips and Tidbits" and click. You will find several different topics (all are interesting) , two of them on colloidal silver.


Here is a web site that answers most questions. <> According to Jim Erskine, Coming Home editor, CS is an effective and helpful home remedy for infections and illnesses. It has germicidal and anti-bacterial action. In the Coming Home Y2K Newsletter there are complete directions for building a CS generator.

For information write:

The Coming HomeY2K Newsletter
P.O. Box 187
Canmer, KY 42722


I think combining home remedies and typical, American medical practice is a great idea for the y2k. Something great I got from an Amish friend was Black Walnut salve for infections. My son had an infection that was deep in his foot (rusty nail) that antibiotics(including IV antibiotics) were not clearing up. The salve work: drew the infection right out. You could actually see a dark spot come up to the skin until the top of the wound's skin actually peeled away. This only took three days, 3 times a day after the intensive antibiotics hadn't worked. I don't know how to make it, but if you know of an herbalist or other traditional medicine type person, ask them. The salve has lasted several years and I hope to talk to a local herbalist and get a fresh supply before the Y2k.


The idea of using kerosene as a remedy, internally or externally (.e.g. to eradicate head lice) is NOT A GOOD IDEA. Even though people used these things in the past, they are not's some examples:

Two years ago, a 16 year old girl in my area (Missouri Ozarks) was being given a kerosene treatment for head lice. Her hair apparently contained sufficient static electricity that during the "washing" over a kitchen sink, her hair suddenly burst into flame. She suffered serious burns over 30% of her body and needed reconstructive surgery to her face.

Kerosene is a petroleum product, the by-product of oil refining. It contains NO antibiotic or healing qualities. When placed on a skin wound, it will close the wound (like Vaseline would) and restrict air flow --encouraging the growth of anaerobic bacteria (ones that don't need oxygen). This could end up being a life-threatening infection. Yes, people used to use kerosene and turpentine on livestock, but this often resulted in an affliction called "proud flesh" -- what we, today, would call a "tissue sepsis" (deep seated infection).

As an oil-based product, if kerosene is ingested (taken by mouth), it will be absorbed into the body -- not just pass harmlessly through to kill intestinal worms. After the petroleum-oil molecules pass into your bloodstream, they will be carried into all your tissues -- bringing with them whatever other impurities and toxins are present in the kerosene. This can produce damage to the liver, kidney, heart and lungs....the person or animal that ingests kerosene will soon have the odor of kerosene on their breath, as the lungs try to "blow off" the poison.

In the olden days, people used whatever they had to treat health problems. Kerosene -- like turpentine, gasoline, raw sulfur, manure plasters, bleeding, and other remedies -- had their day and were proven either ineffective, marginally useful, or downright dangerous.

On the other hand, Herbal remedies, IF CAREFULLY USED, can provide more reliable means of dealing with health issues -- but remember, herbs aren't "safe" just because they grew in the backyard....these are often powerful medicines in plant form, with the ability to cure - or kill. They have to be used with respect and with well-informed knowledge and experience.

For example, a "mechanical" method of dealing with lice: To treat head lice without setting fire to yourself, you can simply coat the person's head thoroughly with cooking oil or lard, wrap the head in a towel for a couple hours, and then wash with a oil-cutting detergent (such as Dawn dish soap). The oil smothers the lice by blocking their ability to breathe. Do this every 4 days for a month. (P.S., the hair will be incredibly soft after all this oil treatment!)

A "chemical" method of relieving worms: Intestinal worms can be treated using pumpkin seeds. Save seeds from pumpkins, soak in salted water (1 c. salt to 4 c. water) for an hour, then spray a flat pan with non-stick coating or toss the seeds with a tablespoon of oil per quart of seeds. Roast at 200 degrees for 10-12 minutes or so. To treat worm problems, fast for 48 hours, drinking only water, then eat pumpkin seeds to your heart's content (2-3 meals worth). Worms are paralyzed and pass through the system with the first bowel movement.

Alternatively, worms can often be flushed from the system using a combination of chopped fresh garlic, apple cider vinegar, fresh rosemary herb, and grated carrots (doesn't taste too good).

I'm sure the author of the book is a good person; but even the best people can subscribe to outmoded ideas. A good herbal book is "The Herb Book" by John Lust; also, Rodale Press has published a large number of "home health care" books. Your local library should have copies.


I bought Lloyd Duplantisí book last year ... We have since used the book to treat various ailments and have had great results! $16.95 has saved us several trips to the doctor and some expensive prescriptions! Maybe some items won't be available after y2k, but if you know what problems your family tends to get, you can stock up now. You might get a good herb book for later. Lloyd's book can be purchased directly at Lloyd Duplantis, P.O.B. 952, Gray, LA.70359


I think this is an indispensible book for home health care--- it was developed for missionaries and other humanitarian workers in underdeveloped countries. The title is: Where There Is No Doctor (A Village Health Care Handbook) by David Werner, Carol Thuman and Jane Maxwell, published by the Hesperian Foundation, POB 1692, Palo Alto, CA 94302.

I ordered it from


Have any of you purchased any supplies from Peace of Mind Essentials?

Of special interest to me are the herbal medical kits, dental and surgical kits, and the Dr. Christopher's Herbal medicines. I was thrilled at their web site, as they carry just about everything we'll need.

I just wanted to know what you thought about your purchases and are your happy w/ what you ordered? I figured it'll cost a good $500.00 to have a decently supplied medicine cabinet which includes supplies to make your own herbal preparations when you run out or need to help your neighbors. I was thinking that we should also prepare by taking first aide courses and CPR. This could save one of our children's lives or a neighbor. And don't forget midwifery and birth supplies. God always blesses w/ precious babies!:-) This could be a real help if there are no hospitals near by or they are closed down.
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Date: Wed, 22 Jul 1998 14:02:07 -0500

If you want some excellent herbal and naturopathic remedies, go to the sites mentioned below. Think this will be vital information to have with the y2k and whatever else is ahead of us. Richard Schulze is one of the foremost naturopathic physicians and gives courses in Europe. We have Dr. Schulze's "Incurables" Video Series, as well as tinctures, tapes, etc. In addition to the online info., one can call 1-888-HERBDOC and get a (at least it used to be free, not sure now) patient handbook, catalogue, and introductory audio tape. He has a new introductory video out for $25. "Create Your Own Healing Miracle". 310 This will let folks work with their health situation themselves, both now and if/when things get more interesting.

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