Acts 18:23-20:38; Galatians

Scriptural Highlights

A study of this lesson will encourage us to seek promptings from the Holy Ghost and to avoid attitudes and actions that will keep them from receiving these promptings.


  1. Consider the following related to missionary work:
  2. "After returning from his second mission, Paul spent some time in Antioch and then departed on a third mission. He first went through Galatia and Phyrgia, then spent three years in Ephesus. The work of God grew mightily during this time, but opposition stiffened as Paul's preaching against false gods threatened the lucrative business of silversmiths who sold small silver shrines for Diana, pagan goddess of Asia Minor. Realizing the bitterness of the hostility toward him, Paul decided to leave Ephesus. He called together the disciples, embraced them, then left for Macedonia.

  3.      "After giving 'much exhortation' in the cities of Macedonia (Acts 20:2), Paul went to Greece for three months. He then started the long journey back to Jerusalem, traveling again through Macedonia. He had hoped to arrive in Jerusalem for the day of Pentecost, but threats against his life caused him to take a slower route. When he reached Miletus, he sent a messenger to Ephesus to ask the Church leaders there to come and meet him. He delivered a stirring farewell address, then resumed his journey, stopping frequently to strengthen the churches along the way.
         "During his third mission Paul wrote a letter to the Saints in Galatia, warning them against false teachings and stressing the central role of Christ's atonement." (1989, 1995 Gospel Doctrine Teacher's Manual, p31)
Paul's Third Missionary Journey

Acts 19

  1. Paul goes to Ephesus and finds disciples of John who had not yet received the Holy Ghost.
  2. READ ACTS 19:8-9. Paul leaves the synagogue to preach in the school of Tyrannus.
  3. READS ACTS 19:23-28. Silversmith's craft threatened.

Acts 20

  1. As he was returning to Jerusalem, Paul sent a messenger to Ephesus to ask the Church leaders to meet with in in Miletus. There he delivered a farewell address.
  2. READ ACTS 20:28-31. Paul warns against apostasy.
  3. READ ACTS 20:35-38. Paul's final comments to the people at Ephesus.


  1. Introduction.
  2. READ 1:6-10. After a brief greeting, Paul chides the Saints for being deceived by false doctrine.
  3. READ 2:16,21. Man justified by faith in Christ, not by the works of the law.
  4. As in Paul's day, today there are Church members that pervert the gospel.  WHAT ARE SOME EVIDENCES OF THIS?
  5. READ 5:16-25. Works of the flesh & fruits of the Spirit.
  6. Some final teachings in Galatians.

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