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I loved reading Brother Lund's Work & Glory series. In the spirit of that series, Ron Carter has begun a new series entitled Prelude To Glory, about America's beginnings. I am currently reading the first volume, Our Sacred Honor. It begins in Boston in the days just before the ride of Paul Revere and the battle at Lexington and Concord. I love American history, and this story puts you in the middle of of these great events just as the Work & Glory series put you right in the middle of Church history. Learn more by clicking on the book.

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The Work and The Glory is my favorite LDS fiction series. I have spent most of the 90s waiting for the next volume. Every time I get a new volume, I read it within days. This series of books brings Church history to light, from the beginings in New York, through the Ohio, Missouri, Illinois, and Pioneer periods. Though much of the history is familiar, Brother Lund brings out many of the miraculous events that are obscured by history. Learn more by clicking on the specific volumes listed below:

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