Mosiah 18-24
"None Could Deliver Them But The Lord"

Scriptural Highlights

A study of this lesson should motivate us to renew our determination to honor our baptismal covenants and trust in the Lord.

Mosiah 18

  1. King Noah's council of priests - Alma, a descendant of Nephi, was the sole defender and the only known convert of the martyred Abinadi.
  2. Alma repented of his sins and iniquities.
  3. Baptism at Mormon.
  4. Alma and his people found out about the coming of the army and fled from the land into the wilderness (v35).

Bondage & Deliverance

  1. Historical information:
  2. The oppression and bondage was so great that Limhi and his people went to war against the Lamanites three times and were defeated each time.
  3. As you recall, a group led by Ammon came from the land of Zarahemla and discovered the people of Limhi (Zeniffites) in bondage.
  4. Principles of Bondage and Deliverance (see Mosiah 7 where Limhi's speech addressed these principles):

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